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The Georgia Chapter of NOBLE recognizes the importance education plays in the success of our communities. We believe that being a productive citizen and excelling as a scholar deserves to be acknowledged. Our scholarships embody the heart of NOBLE but strive to serve, in the spirit of recognition, as a tangible way to assist students that meet the various criteria, including having positive impact in communities throughout our country.

The 2023 scholarship application period is now OPEN. Complete the application and return by the deadline of June 16, 2023. If you have any questions, contact Scholarship Committee Chair Trebor Randle at

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Committee Chair Trebor Randle, Chad Johnson, Hailey Lamkin, Andrel Shuman, Ashton Billingslea, Kelley Collier, Keslyn Billings, Chapter President Natalie Ammons

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