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Convoy of Care Activated in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

On September 30, 2022, the Georgia Chapter of NOBLE and its partners activated the Convoy of Care in response to the devastating affects of Hurricane Ian.

This initiative began in 2016 following historic flooding in the Baton Rouge, LA area. NOBLE, Atlanta non-profit Caring For Others, the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, the media, and other law enforcement associations joined forces to gather donations to deliver to those in need. Since 2016, the Convoy of Care has been activated many times.

Tractor trailer loads of clothing, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, baby items, and tools have already been delivered to the Ft. Myers and Port Charlotte areas of Florida. More truckloads of goods are planned as the citizens of Florida recover from disaster.

A donation link has been set up to purchase supplies for the area. Donations can be made at

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